When you choose one of these Remarkable Solutions for your Organization, we will come along side you to help your Agency THRIVE!

Newsletters & Activity Guides

Mark regularly produces Newsletters and Activity Guides for the agencies that he works for. These documents provide an ongoing communication connection to the community members served by these agencies. When contracted to produce an ongoing newsletter or recreation activity guide, Mark takes responsibility to lead the process, managing project deadlines and document drafts. He makes sure that the the Final Product is delivered on time.

Logo Development

Mark regularly produces new Logos for the agencies that he works for.  When contracted to produce a Logo for an agency, Mark takes the lead on the project and guides the agency Stakeholders in a process that will allow the agency to love the results. An agency logo should tell the story of the agency. Mark will ensure that the logo story is drawn from the Agency's goals and strategic mission.

Flyers / Posters / Web Ads

In addition to logos and Activity Guides, Mark is creative in producing Recreation Program Flyers, Event Posters, Facility Brochures, and Web Ads. Web Ads are used to display on the company's website. They are also great for use on social media. They can even be used as Slides for Movie Theater Advertising.

Agency Annual Report

We know that your agency is ESSENTIAL! But we want your community and your stakeholders to know it for themselves.

An Annual Report is one of the best ways to show them what you are about, and what you have accomplished in the last year. Our process for your Annual Report will gather all of your pertinent data and turn it into a story about your agency. We will then add high quality photos to enhance the message, making the document more appealing. We will also take the most important information and display them in terms of a couple of bar graphs or pie graphs. In the end you will have an 8-Page (or more as needed) document that highlights all that you have accomplished over the last year.

We want your elected officials, your city administrators, your participants, and your community at large to see this fabulous looking Annual Report, which can be printed out as a hard-copy, and also set digitally on your website and social media platforms. This report will be clearly written, beautiful to look at, and easy to understand. It will grab everyone’s attention. We can also put it into a video format as well. Also, we are available to come provide a presentation your elected officials at their meeting, if desired.

ANNUAL REPORT: Includes: 45-Minute Discussion of Agency Goals and Accomplishments, Time to work with staff to collect the data, Creation of Draft Report, Edits, and the final product.

PRESENTATION TO STAKEHOLDERS: Includes: creating a presentation to match the Annual Report, updated as needed after review, travel to your location, and delivery of the presentation to EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE your elected officials on what it is that makes your agency essential!

VIDEO REPRESENTATION OF THE ANNUAL REPORT: Often, people would rather just watch a video of the information, instead of reading a written report. We will take your Annual Report and put it into an eye-catching video format, to be placed on media platforms.

Branding & Marketing Plan

This solution starts with an agency-wide training session to help staff understanding of what branding is, and why their agency needs do both the branding AND marketing of their agencies. They also learn why it is vital to have an agency-wide plan. When you choose this solution, we will facilitate a process that results in establishing your Agency's Brand. This process will help your agency understand what your customers are saying about you; as well as what your what your non-customers are saying about you. The process will also integrate important marketing concepts into your agency processes: Return-on-Investment, the 80/20 rule, Relationship Marketing, Loyalty Program, & Perpetual Marketing. We then will develop a customized Branding and Marketing Plan, that highlights your agency as “Essential” to your community, by creating a consistent agency message that is carried by everything your agency does.

Photo Inventory
of all Agency Amenities

When you chose this solution, Mark will come to visit your agency and spend as many days needed to photograph all of your recreational park and facility amenities. This solution Includes:

(1) Photos taken of all amenities at all park and facility locations

(2) An attractive Spreadsheet showing Amenity Counts with totals & subtotals.

You can then utilize the agency-wide amenity totals to help in planning for the maintenance, and/or replacement, of your amenities.  The photos will be very useful in marketing your facilities. The types of amenities that are counted and photographed are ALL INCLUSIVE and cover the following categories (at a minimum):

Swing Seats, Slides, Climbing Areas, Playgrounds (ages 0-5), Playgrounds (ages 5-12), Open turf areas, Ball Fields, Soccer Fields, Recreational Centers and all rooms inside, Walking Paths, Drinking Fountains, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Disc Golf Courses, Benches, Public Art, & Anything else that can be considered an amenity.