When you choose one of these Remarkable Solutions for your Organization, we will come along side you to help your Agency THRIVE!

Interim Leadership

Should you find your organization in a crucial transition time, while you search for your next Director or Manager, Mark Honberger can be your strategic solution! As your Interim, he provides Stable Leadership, Team Building sessions, Staff Coaching, and will conduct the THRIVE! assessments listed HERE. Additionally, throughout the duration of the Interim Appointment, he will launch into all the other services and solutions available, in order of your chosen priority.

End Result: Leadership during turbulent times, Agency Assessments & Improvements folded in for no extra charge

Mentorship Program (Staff Coaching)

If you have staff that could benefit from a Mentor or Coach, then this solution is for you. Bring Mark Honberger on as your staff’s Recreation Coach, and they’ll receive regular (Weekly or Monthly) 1.5 hour long Sessions. Minimum Sessions is 12, but we can do as many as 15-20 or so (as needed). Plus they’ll receive a “MENTOR FOR LIFE,” as they can call as often as needed when questions, concerns, or difficult situations arise (free of charge). These mentoring sessions represent an overview of trends & best practices,. Your staff will be really getting into the “nuts-and-bolts” and “how-to’s” of being a great recreation coordinator/supervisor. By having their own personal 1-on-1 Parks and Recreation Coach, they will grow with enthusiasm for the Profession. Although it is helpful to meet face-to-face at least once, sometimes it’s not logistically feasible. Not a problem, though, as these sessions can be conducted via the phone, or on zoom. Additionally, we can set up the Mentorship Program on an individual basis, or on a "team" basis with multiple staff at a time. Mentorship Themes include:

• Leadership Philosophy & Visioning
• Recreation Competency Assessment
• What I wished I learned in college
• Putting the “Super” back into Supervising
• Balancing Park Usage With Park Maintenance
• Performance Measures (Showing your agency as “Essential”)
• Revenue Generation for Parks & Recreation
• Developing your Agency’s Brand
• Aligning Rec Services with Org Values
• Partnering with Community Groups
• A Strategic Approach to Contract Instructors
• Excellent Facility Rental Management
• Conducting a “Healthy Habits” Campaign
• How to Interview (with live Interview Practice)
• Engaging in the profession

End Result: Staff that have a new found enthusiasm for the Profession, and who will function at a high level while they perform their duties as a Parks and Recreation Professional for your agency.

Team Building Sessions

Your staff will love it. Mark Honberger brings creative Half-day or Full-day training sessions that result in increased employee engagement and improved staff morale. Training Topics will be customized to your Agency's needs. Your staff will come away energized to engage your customers and perform at a higher level.

"Customer Service" Training

In this interactive session, we will explore the 7 most important characteristics of great customer service (Per Indeed): Empathy, Problem Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Patience, Active Listening Skills, Positive Attitude, Quick Response Time. We will do a deep dive into each of these characteristics, and attendees will get a chance to practice each one. Your staff will leave this session with a greater understanding of how to deliver customer service. They will be energized to go make it happen!

"Be a Better Employee" Training

In this interactive session, we will explore the 9 ways to be a better employee (Per Hire Up): Behave professionally, Learn how to do your job well, Work hard, Be part of the solution, Cultivate relationships, Volunteer for new projects, Be on time, Admit when you make mistakes, & Set big goals for yourself and your career. Attendees will be able to do a self-assessment to determine which areas they should seek to improve.

Putting the "Super"
Back In Supervising

Whether a seasoned supervisor, or fresh to the world of supervision, we could all use a little spark to launch our Leader-Level to “Super”. This training session puts you on the launch pad, ready for ignition. We will give an overview of the basic leadership principles and concepts, by exploring the following topics: Leader vs Manager; Setting Goals & Objectives; Coaching & Evaluating. By the end, attendees will be energized to go back and energize their own team for extraordinary results.

Recreation "Topic-Specific" Trainings

We have a dozen different staff trainings (workshops), covering a super wide range of recreation specific topics. While these sessions are most often delivered at Park and Recreation Conferences, but they would be fantastic when done as an "In-House" Training for your staff.

Mediation Services:
Independent Arbiter

Occasionally, there are disagreements between two parties that could benefit from third party mediation (An Independent Arbiter). Sometimes they are employees, other times they are organizations. Either way, Mark Honberger has experience in these matters, and will guide them towards a solution based on a logical examination of the facts in the situation.

End Result: Written Decision/Conclusion

Bring Mark "On-Location"

After reviewing all of the Solutions available, many agencies wish that they could have ALL of these solutions provided for their agency. Well, now you can!

By bringing Mark Honberger (on contract) to your location for several consecutive days (either weekly, monthly, or quarterly), your agency can
“Start-In” on multiple solutions at once, and do so at a significantly budgeted rate. Mark will be available for up to 10 hours each day (including evenings if desired), and will be able launch into these solutions according to your agency’s priorities. (minimum of 12 days booked)

One day at a time, not consecutive
2 DAYS AT YOUR AGENCY (Consecutive Days):
Saves travel costs
3 DAYS AT YOUR AGENCY (Consecutive Days):
Really saves travel costs 
Accomplished remotely