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Here is what our customers are saying:

Ryan Cavender - - Director
Parks & Recreation Dept, Hoover, AL 

Multiple Session Attendee at ARPA Conference (2/5/2024)
Alabama Recreation and Park Association

Thanks for presenting these workshops at the conference this past week in Orange Beach, AL. I attended a couple and thought they were the best at the show.

Kimara Brown - - Manager
Recreation Dept, Aliceville, AL

Multiple Session Attendee at ARPA Conference (2/5/2024)
Alabama Recreation and Park Association

Hello. Your class really inspired me. I’m hoping to adopt and implement those "Healthy Habits" programs you talked about. Also I want to adopt your facility rental fee structure for my organization. 

Ashley Gay - - Recreation Manager
Parks & Recreation Dept, Orange City, FL

Multiple Session Attendee at FRPA Conference (8/30/23)
Florida Park and Recreation Association

I really enjoyed attending three of Mark's sessions. I learned a whole lot and I am excited to implement some of the strategies he suggested. We are currently revising our rental application and what you displayed in your presentation provided a lot of great things I did not think of including.  Thank you very much, Mark, for sharing and for being a dynamic presenter who really kept the conversation lively and game me lots to reevaluate. 

Jordan Siniscalchi - - Recreation Director
Aquidneck Club, Portsmouth, RI

Keynote Attendee at RIRPA Conference (5/6/22)
Rhode Island Recreation & Park Association

Mark's stage presence and enthusiasm are infectious, and his genuine love and passion for what he does is palpable in every sentence. Not only that, but his Teachings of going above and beyond expectations is a wonderful lesson for those beginning their journey through the Parks & Rec world.

John Blais - - Recreation Director
Parks & Recreation Dept, Pawtucket, RI 

Keynote Attendee at RIRPA Conference (5/6/22)
Rhode Island Recreation & Park Association

I thoroughly enjoyed Mark Honberger’s Keynote presentation during our Rhode Island Recreation and Parks Association’s Conference held on May 6, 2022. Ironically, the segment titled "Raising the Bar" is what a keynote presentation should do for the participants in the room. It is that speaker who can take a seasoned veteran in the field and inspire them to find the passion in themselves again. In this field, it can become a thankless position, so presentations like this, done in the manner that Mark did, does [a ton to] regenerate that spark.

I personally found this to be true during the “The Point” portion of the presentation. I feel that complacency can replace the “risks” one would take in our field whether it is fear of public resistance or lack of participation after making one attempt. One attempt is not “Raising the Bar”!! I felt Mark provided a re-evaluation of these potential fears throughout the program and provided a new sense of perception or helped to re-establish that positive perception to some.

I also appreciate perspectives from those outside of our region, whether it is site visits or people. That in itself does offer a new perspective on how we look at our jobs and how we can improve. Hearing Mark’s perspectives did turn the wheels in this head. Mark was very personal, funny and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed his visit to our conference!

Michael Bradley - - Professor
Arkansas Tech University, AR

Keynote Attendee at ARPA Conference (9/1/22)
Arkansas Recreation and Park Association

I enjoyed having Mark as a guest and keynote speaker for our Conference in Little Rock in September 2022. Beyond being thoughtful, fun, genuine, and honest, he took time to assess and interact with the audience. Additionally, he took the time before and after to meet and greet folks as they came to his sessions, allowing a personal nuance to his discussion and presentation. He was as instrumental piece of a successful Conference and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Chris Haberling - - Recreation Manager
Parks & Recreation Dept, Omaha, NE

Multiple Session Attendee at NeRPA Conference (9/15/22)
Nebraska Recreation and Park Association

I attended two of Mark's sessions at the NeRPA conference and enjoyed both of them immensely. They were very informative and gave me some great things to incorporate into what I do.  The presentations that I attended were "RAISING THE BAR IN RECREATION" and "PUTTING THE SUPER BACK IN SUPERVISING".  Thanks so much for coming to Hasting, NE.

Ryan Mohling - - Sports Supervisor
Parks & Recreation, Lincoln, N

Multiple Session Attendee at NeRPA Conference (9/15/22)
Nebraska Recreation and Park Association

We really appreciate Mark's approach to NeRPA by treating our small, but mighty, conference just like any other. He truly made an impact!

Ray DeFalco - - Director
Parks & Recreation, Jamestown, RI

Conference Organizer at RIRPA Conference (5/6/22)
Rhode Island Recreation & Park Association

First, I will say that Mark is a very passionate, creative, and enthusiastic presenter. I was also impressed by his broad knowledge base of the recreation field. His experience was evident during his Keynote session. Mark added entertaining stories with details that we in the Parks and Recreation profession could all relate to. In my opinion, Mark would be a valuable addition to any Training Event or Conference.

Michelle Dodson - - Recreation Leader
Parks & Recreation, Phoenix, AZ

Multiple Session Attendee at APRA Conference (11/3/21)
Arizona Park & Recreation Association

I attended the APRA Conference and had the pleasure of attending 3 of your sessions. [Excellent Facility Management, Partnering With Community Groups, Balancing Park Maintenance with Park Usage].  Thank you very much for your expertise and insight on those topics. I think it will really be beneficial in the future. Your knowledge, ability to speak and keep sessions upbeat should be shared!

Coleen Bornschlegel - - Arts Coordinator
Parks & Recreation, Prescott Valley, AZ

Education Session Attendee at APRA Conference (11/3/21)
Arizona Park & Recreation Association

It is true, I found Mark's session on PARTNERING WITH COMMUNITY GROUPS at APRA very useful. I thought his presentation was well organized, full of good content and engaging. After the session, I experienced an increase in confidence and understanding about effective ways to approach community groups. I have noticed that in recent engagements with community groups, it has felt more like a collaborative interaction with the experience of being able to offer services rather than just asking for something from others. I am happy to [recommend] Mark to any other organizations.

Vivian Vickery - - General Manager
CCSD, Cuyama, CA

Logo Design Client (3/21/21)
Cuyama Community Services District

Thank you, Mark. I am very impressed with the final graphics from our Logo Design Project, and I think the Board will be really pleased!

Doug McDaniel, Director
Parks & Recreation, Hobbs, NM

Conference Organizer for NMRPA Conference (8/22/19)
New Mexico Recreation and Park Association

The City of Hobbs recently hosted the 2019 New Mexico Recreation and Parks Association (NMRPA) State Conference. This was the first time that the NMRPA State Conference had been hosted by the City of Hobbs. In my role with the NMRPA as the Conference Chair for the 2019 NMRPA State Conference, I was directly responsible for recruiting, planning, and scheduling of the 27 different educational sessions that took place during the State Conference, all of which were CEU eligible.

Mark Honberger, with Remarkable Recreation Solutions, was selected to present a total of five (5) educational sessions during the 2019 NMRPA State Conference. I found Mark to be very easy to work with in terms of recruiting, planning and scheduling the five sessions that he presented. All of his sessions were very well attended, and very well received. The feedback forms collected after each educational session demonstrated that the attendees enjoyed his presentations and the information/material in each session.

The next time that the City of Hobbs hosts the NMRPA State Conference, I would invite Mark back to present without hesitation or reservation. I have no doubt that he'll add value to your event. If you have any questions or need additional information, I will be glad to make myself available.

Trevor Faust, Supervisor
Parks & Recreation, Cottonwood, AZ

Conference Attendee for APRA Conference (7/24/18)
Arizona Park and Recreation Association

Thank you Mark. Such a great presentation at conference this year

Becky Spires, Supervisor
Parks & Recreation, Maricopa, AZ

Conference Attendee for APRA Conference (7/24/18)
Arizona Park and Recreation Association

Thank You so much for sharing your wisdom and experience. I really enjoyed your presentation. It left me inspired to make some much needed changes to our system.