Keynote Speaker

The Keynote Address sets the tone for your conference. Our presenter, Mark Honberger, will provide a memorable and inspiring keynote. He is skilled at weaving in humor with inspiring anecdotes, bringing your event’s theme to life with a message that energizes attendees for the rest of the conference.

Topics he can tailor to your theme, include: Leadership, Vision Setting, Perspective, Entrepreneurial Recreation, Raising-The-Bar, and more.

Mark Honberger is also available as a Conference Trainer - See Workshop Options

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We all want to be better at what we do, right? That’s what “RAISING THE BAR” is all about. It means taking our performance as Recreation Professionals to the next level, by turning those “Big Ideas” into really practical steps that you can start accomplishing tomorrow.


1) Investigate how the phrase “Raising the Bar” comes from the sport of High Jump, with athletes only moving the bar an inch at a time… So surely, we can Do One Thing to “improve” your agency.

2) Track the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom, and how these concepts apply to the Parks and Recreation Profession.

3) Internalize what it means to “Mind The Gap” for those things that are not being done or said, and then take a Nuts-&-Bolts approach to apply this foundational concept in very tangible ways to the Parks and Recreation Profession.

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Do you ever sit and watch Squirrels? We sure could learn a lot from the squirrel... lessons that readily apply to our everyday work routines. By being "Squirrelly," we can improve our performance, and even fly. This Keynote Experience is chalk full of humor and inspiring lessons. Come be energized to Go Get "Squirrelly"!


1) Jump into a Squirrelly Personality:
     Be Enthusiastic & Inquisitive

2) Succeed like a Squirrel:
     Through Tenacity & Teamwork

3) Thrive like a Squirrel:
     Have Balanced Behavior
     (Storing vs Eating)
     (Safety vs Taking a flying leap)

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